Six ways Claris makes businesses even better with custom apps and integrations.

What solutions do you want to create with Claris? To help spark your next big idea, check out these use cases built on the legacy Claris FileMaker platform, then find out how the new Claris platform – featuring Claris Pro, Claris Studio, and Claris Connect – can enhance the various digital solutions.

Discover how to tackle challenges one right after another by building operational apps to run the business and give your leadership team access to real-time data within the Claris platform, so they drive the decisions that lead to wins.

1. Solve hard problems that matter.

Point in case: Ruggs Benedict, a flooring company based in Denver, Colorado. Previously relying on spreadsheets to manage business operations, the organization created a custom app to improve visibility across the customer lifecycle — from intake and installation to customer care and billing. The result? Higher profit margins with new digital processes. Learn how.

How the Claris platform can add value: Similar to the FileMaker experience you know and trust today, the Claris platform offers an enhanced tool set to tackle the difficult problems that slow down productivity, giving you endless opportunities to introduce automation and efficiencies with business operations apps created specifically for your organization. And the best part: Rapid application development allows you to bring new ideas to life more quickly, leading to continuous operational improvements.

2. Manage events like a boss.

That’s exactly what happened at Wings Unlimited, an event planning company. A custom app created on Claris effectively tracks contracts, budgets, locations, and attendees for large-scale events. By gaining real-time insights into shifting variables like travel plans, session capacity, and weather, the company adjusts to changes on the fly, boosting attendee satisfaction and repeat business. Learn more.

How the Claris platform can add value: When it comes to event planning and implementation, agility and speed are absolutely integral. If manual tools like spreadsheets add unwanted time and cost, say goodbye to Excel and hello to a custom, digital event management solution. The Claris platform can do just that.

With Claris Studio, bi-directional data interaction with customers and event participants is easy to do with a form-based collection tool to centralize and streamline registration, surveys, and more. Pull your data from Claris Studio into Claris Pro apps – and the apps you’ve built in FileMaker – to centralize and streamline event information, helping your employees measure progress, adjust timelines, and allocate resources to let productivity fly.

3. Shine a light on inventory.

Take it from Kinetic Lighting, a premier company that rents and sells theatrical stage lighting for corporate events, concerts, and film projects. The organization turned to Claris – with help from Claris Partner, Angel City Data – to integrate its rental app with other custom apps to improve inventory management, SKU tracking, and invoicing. Learn more.

How the Claris platform can add value: To combat supply chain issues, shifts in customer demand, and price volatility, effective inventory management is paramount. Give your leadership team access to real-time data through visual hubs available in Claris Studio, and lean on the Claris platform to create data-driven, streamlined processes to improve inventory accuracy and help rein in costs.

4. Turn content and other digital assets into (lights, camera,) action!

Lessons learned from a company that knows a thing or two about blockbusters. The visual effects team at HBO used FileMaker to organize special effects for His Dark Materials miniseries, managing tens of thousands of iterations of visual effects and associated director notes with ease. Learn more.

How the Claris platform can add value: How your organization manages content and digital assets can make or break employee productivity. A customized content management solution (CMS) helps turn assets into an operational advantage. With a custom business operations app to digitize workflows, you improve data reliability and access, helping team members coordinate and collaborate with blockbuster impact.

5. Bridge siloed systems and go with the flow.

Look to Salem Oregon Animal Rehabilitation (SOAR) for inspiration. The organization used Claris Connect to integrate information across business systems, including Acuity and QuickBooks, gaining a central location to track treatments, patient progress, and care. Learn more.

How the Claris platform can add value: Want to streamline your business operations? Use Claris Connect to bring your company’s business operations apps together (along with the data within), and create multi-app workflows to automate your organization. Then dive into the data gathered from your entire tech stack within Claris Studio, giving you a single source of truth for real-time visibility and enhanced analytics so you make informed decisions that make your business soar.

6. Get to know — and see — customers.

Alabama Eye Bank did just that. The organization, which helps victims of corneal blindness regain sight, turned to FileMaker to deliver anytime, anywhere contact information access, improving processes around patient referrals, direct mail campaigns, and donor screenings. Learn more.

How the Claris platform can add value: Contact resource systems (CRMs) are expensive for small to medium-size businesses, but you need a CRM just like any big enterprise. That’s because outdated customer data can sink customer relationships.

Move away from manual contact entry and tracking methods with a digital CRM solution to improve data accuracy across sales, marketing, and customer service. With trusted information at your fingertips through Claris Studio, use data insights to gain visibility and improve engagement across the lifecycle – all through the lens of your very own custom management app.

Build the custom operating system of your dreams.

The use cases above are just a handful of innovative solutions supported by Claris. Instill workplace innovation across your entire organization with robust business operations apps and leverage better data insight through Claris Studio. Create the foundation of custom operating system today, and continuously expand it to differentiate the business and win in your market.

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