The Claris platform

Unleash your organization's full potential.

Get every tool you need to build your custom workplace operating system.

Create custom apps to keep track of all your contacts, from top customers to new hires.
Run custom reports that deliver real-time data to support team decision-making.
Integrate your apps with your tech stack for seamless communication.
Quickly and easily build custom layouts to capture and share the data you need.
Track progress across key projects to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
Create custom connectors to maximize your integration capabilities and efficiency.

Run your organization exactly how you want.

Optimize and unite internal workflows and customer experiences with the Claris platform.

See how the Claris platform redefines what's possible for every kind of organization.

Build a custom workplace operating system for an innovative Australia tyre startup.


Mobile Tyre Shop, a tyre retailer once featured on Shark Tank, worked with a Claris Partner to transform the business into an innovative technology company for the digital age.

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"The impact that FileMaker has had on our business has been invaluable."

Create a broadcast operations management system for live TV production.


ESPN Netherlands worked with a Claris Partner to build a central source of truth to manage its live sports broadcast production schedule.

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"Claris FileMaker is one real-time system that we rely on to support our work for our fans."

Centralize marine research data and operations for a nonprofit.


OceanX needed help keeping their teams connected and current, even those at sea in remote locations. They turned to Claris FileMaker.

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"FileMaker is an exceptionally good low-code tool and is one of the best-kept secrets in the universe."

Facilitate health care and vaccinations of 115,000+ patients in Eswatini, Africa.


The Luke Commission created a Claris app to manage medical records, vaccines, fleet management, and appointments for patients in rural Africa.

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"We lean on Claris to solve problems and aim to be just a little bit better for the next patient in line."

Generate custom contracts for luxury cars customers in just minutes.


Fast cars now come with fast contracts, thanks to Claris FileMaker. This luxury car dealership worked with a Claris Partner to speed up their sales process by 400x.

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"That's what I really like about FileMaker – you can react so flexibly to the wishes of your customer."

The Claris advantage.

Everything you need to run your operations, manage projects, and align your teams — all tailored for how you do business.

Unified platform.

All the components of the Claris platform work together to help you build custom apps, integrate existing data, and automate workflows.

Available anywhere.

Enjoy the flexibility to access your custom apps in any environment – in the cloud, on premise, hybrid, mobile, and even offline.

Industry-standard security.

Security and governance are our top priorities. Rigorous policies and procedures are in place to ensure your data is safe and remains private.

Built-in integration.

Integrate data collected from teams, apps, and systems into one central hub using the platform's prebuilt tools and connectors.

Greater visibility.

Gain visibility into your organization and align your teams around insightful data. Create reports, charts, and dashboards in just minutes.

Affordable software.

The cost-effective alternative to expensive enterprise applications or traditional coding, the Claris platform can fit any budget.

Develop your next custom app.

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