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Take on digital transformation with Claris FileMaker. Quickly build custom apps that solve your business problems today — and tomorrow. Accelerate your business, unlock your team’s creative potential, and drive to better outcomes.

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Need an app to solve a really sticky business problem? Build it with FileMaker. It’s got all the tools you need to roll up your sleeves and DIY — or team up with pro developers for next-level expertise.

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Start today.

And by today, we mean today. With built-in templates, drag-and-drop design, and an intuitive graphical UI, you’ll be app-building in no time. And your work goes live the second you’re ready, across every device — that’s the power of FileMaker.

A screeshot of a custom bike share management app demonstrating signature capture in FileMaker

Get inspired by a world of FileMaker apps.

Need an app now but crunched for time? Odds are you’re not alone. Explore Marketplace to find the perfect jumping off point for your own custom app — from templates and components to fully-completed vertical market apps.

  1. CRM
  2. Project Management
  3. Content Library
  4. Asset Manager
  5. Invoicing Details
  6. Contract Management
  7. Event Planning
  8. Field Research
  9. Supply Management
  10. Tour Dashboard
Image of a customer relationship management app
Image of project management software
Image of a content library
Image of custom asset management software built using the FileMaker Platform
Image of an invoicing app built on the FileMaker Platform
Image of a contract management app
Image of a custom event planning app built using the FileMaker Platform
Image of a field research data collection app
Image of a supply management system built on the FileMaker Platform
Image of a tour dashboard built using the FileMaker Platform
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All devices,
all the time.

Secure, real-time sharing on any device. That means your app works on mobile or desktop, on the web, on premise and in the cloud. Because apps this important should be accessible anytime, anywhere.

Power for problem solvers.

Complete tooling.

Use scripts, triggers, calculation functions, graphical design tools, and relational data modeling to build robust apps that scale with your business.

Total security.

Built on Claris Core, FileMaker includes industry-standard protections to keep your data secure — both in the cloud and on premise.

Integrate. Automate. Innovate.

Connect to all kinds of web services and apps in minutes using Claris Connect. It’s the best way to automate your workflows.

Mobile AI.

Use intelligent technologies like image and sentiment recognition in Core ML, natural language processing, and NFC reading—all on mobile.

Coming Spring 2020.

Web native.

Create apps in the cloud, incorporate live web content, and add native JavaScript functionality. Do it yourself or leverage add-on UI components instead.

Coming Spring 2020.

If people knew what we are doing with FileMaker, it would blow their minds.
Eric Astor, CEOFurnace Records
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Take advantage of an extensive ecosystem that includes a global professional partner network, in-depth learning resources and an active online community.

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