Coming in early 2020

Claris Connect

Behold! The power of automated workflows.

Digital transformation starts with flow. Escape from app chaos by bringing your everyday apps together to create automated workflows. Streamline your business. Supercharge your innovation.

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We call it Connect for a reason.

Your one platform for thousands of uses.

  1. Select app
  2. Select action
  3. Configure action

Automation made (really) easy.

Simplicity and power are no longer a tradeoff. Just point and click to pick the apps you want to connect, select triggers and actions, and now your apps are working for you. Automate in minutes, not days. Really.

Connect without boundaries.

All of your apps and flows work together. Integrate both cloud and on-premise apps into a seamless workflow — including custom apps built with Claris FileMaker. Even use device-to-cloud integrations from your phone.

The power of the platform.

We do the heavy lifting.

Claris Connect is built on Claris Core. This means our DevOps, CloudOps, and SecOps teams work to ensure you have the latest technologies and strongest security. We include end-to-end encryption, HSM key management, OAuth, MFA, AI-based threat protection, and more. Connect with confidence.

For pro developers too.

Go beyond simple automations with powerful tools like data transformation, approvals, and webhooks for custom API integration. Leverage built-in logging, flow control with conditional logic, loops, error handling, and versioning. And for advanced automations, add server-side Node.js code that runs with a simple HTTP call.

FileMaker + Connect
= A perfect match.

Already using FileMaker? Claris Connect is the best way to integrate your FileMaker apps — either on premise or in the cloud — with a multitude of web apps and services. Make your FileMaker apps do more, just like that.

Get into the flow.

Need to automate a common business process? Claris Connect includes built-in templates to instantly manage marketing leads, route prospects to sales, track IT ticket escalations, facilitate order processing, and much, much more.

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Help when you need it.

Take advantage of an extensive ecosystem that includes a global professional partner network, in-depth learning resources and an active online community.

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