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Discover the critical software that’s missing in your tech stack.

Add the Claris platform, a complete rapid application development tool, to your technology stack and dramatically reduce your IT project backlog without sacrificing quality, security, or control.

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Claris is built for IT pros.

As an IT professional, you are constantly having to ensure the security of your company’s data while trying to keep up with the ever increasing demand for custom IT projects.

Consider the Claris platform — it’s an extensible, low-code environment for custom app development and workflow automation used by more than one million professionals around the world. Teams can quickly create and deploy apps and workflows that are secure, compliant, and performant.

Security: Use robust industry-standard security features to protect your data.

Integration: Easily integrate Claris with existing systems and automate repetitive tasks.

Administration: Maintain and monitor your system with intuitive, time-saving tools.

Deployment: Deploy apps in any environment and on any platform; scale to 500 users.

The flexibility of the Claris platform aligns with IT governance principles to manage risk and optimize performance.

Applications should be designed around people and processes instead of people having to change the way they work to utilize an application.

By reinventing our processes with the Claris platform, we have improved safety, increased efficiency, delivered a better quality product, increased productivity and reduced costs – not to mention boosting customer satisfaction.
Jeff Coghlin, IT manager Braun Electric Company

See how the Claris platform aligns with your IT requirements.

Security and privacy

Security, compliance, and governance are our top priorities. We adhere to Apple’s rigorous policies and procedures to ensure your data is safe and remains private.

SOC 2: Audited SOC 2® Type 2 report for security, availability, and confidentiality of Claris cloud services.

ISO certifications: ISO certifications for information security management (ISO/IEC 27001) and personal data in the cloud (ISO/IEC 27018).

AES-256: Encrypt data at rest and database passwords with AES-256 encryption.

SSL/TLS 1.2: Encrypt data in transit using SSL or TLS 1.2 and above.

AWS key management: Cloud services use AWS key management for encrypted passwords.

Authentication: Authenticate via Active Directory, Open Directory or OAuth 2.0 identity providers. Supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) and passwordless authentication.

User access: Supports user access management and external identity providers.

Role-based access: Separate roles and privileges for IT, administrators, and developers.

Privacy: Customer data is treated in accordance with the Claris Privacy Policy.

GDPR: Claris complies with GDPR, however customers are responsible for compliance within their respective apps. Learn more about GDPR.

Integration and automation

Connect with your existing systems and data stores with Claris. You’ll never have to say “No” to a new project — use the development skills you already have to extend your apps.

Automated workflows: Integrate your apps together and create automated workflows with Claris Connect.

Advanced workflow tools: Use conditional if-then statements, loops, auto-replay, and variables for advanced workflow automations in Claris Connect.

Standard coding tools: Extend Claris with JavaScript, REST APIs, JSON, cURL, and other familiar development tools.

SQL: Create two-way SQL connections with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle data.

FileMaker Data API: Use the FileMaker Data API, a REST API, to integrate FileMaker data into your web services.

OData: Allow OData-capable client applications to query and update Claris data.

Easy import: Import existing data including CSV, XML, and Microsoft Excel files.

Prebuilt code: Use prebuilt add-ons and plug-ins or create your own for additional functionality.

Custom code: Leverage predefined scripts and calculations to quickly put together custom code.

Administration and monitoring

Get 24/7 availability and reliability, remotely manage apps with ease, and save time by automating administrative tasks.

Automated admin tasks: Intuitive Admin Console provides tools to manage, monitor, and maintain your system.

FileMaker Admin API and CLI: Use the Admin API or the command line interface to help manage the server by utilizing your own custom tools or third-party tools and web services.

Data migration: Use the data migration tool to save time when importing large data sets.

Server-side scripts: Run server-side scripts to automate database and system tasks.

24/7 monitoring: Expert teams monitor cloud services 24/7 for peak performance and threat protection.

Zabbix support: Monitor on-premise server resources and metrics with Zabbix, an open-source tool.

Audit trails: For cloud services, create audit trails with operating system, app, and user activity log files.

Backups: Schedule automated backups that can be easily preserved and restored. Only back up data that has changed with progressive backups.

Deployment and scalability

Choose from flexible deployment options. Users on different environments and operating systems can all access the same apps and share data in real time.

Mixed environments: Deploy in any environment — cloud, on-premise, hybrid, mobile, or even offline.

Multi-platform: Share information with others on different platforms — Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux, iOS, iPadOS, and web.

Instant propagation: Changes made to the data or database schema are immediately available to all users on all devices.

Web browsers: Deploy apps automatically on web browsers, including Chrome, and Safari (for desktop and mobile) and Microsoft Edge.

iOS: Rapidly build mobile apps for iOS and deploy using mobile device management (MDM) in just hours or days.

Test environment: Deploy apps in both staging and live environments.

Docker support: Run on-premise FileMaker Server within a Docker container for faster testing and deployment. Learn more about running FileMaker Server in a Docker container

Scalability: Tested to support up to 500 simultaneous clients when hosted on premise. Learn more about capacities

Claris platform

The Claris platform is a complete offering to create, host, and access your custom apps, plus integrate these apps with your other data and systems. Here’s how the components fit together:

Build and deploy your custom apps with the Claris platform and easily integrate them with your existing data and systems.

Why choose Claris?

Trust a proven platform that will be there for you — now and in the future. For more than 35 years, Claris, an Apple company, has been delivering continuous innovation that organizations rely on for their day-to-day operations.


More than one million active users around the world.


Used by over 50,000 companies, including many of the Fortune 500.


Over 1,500 partners worldwide available for consultation.


Vibrant user community that offers tips and best practices.


Global operations in Cupertino, London, Tokyo, Beijing, and Sydney.


Platform available in 11 languages.

Resources, training, and certification.

Get the information you need to build, deploy, and maintain your Claris environment.

Claris FileMaker technical specifications

Review compatibility, interoperability, capacities, and more.

Claris training

Learn how to build low-code apps with free resources tailored to your skill level.

Product documentation

Download detailed guides and best practices to build, install, and deploy custom apps.

Claris Partners

Use vetted partners to either build or help you build your custom apps.

Claris Connect Resources

Get helpful information on easily creating automated workflows with Claris Connect.

Claris Marketplace

Explore apps, add-ons, tools, training, and more created by Claris experts.

Knowledge base

Access a repository of information on product features, security updates, and other technical information.

Claris Community

Ask questions and get input from other Claris developers.

Claris Engineering blog

Get in-depth technical information on developing and managing your Claris deployment.

Claris events

Attend online training, webinars, and on-demand sessions from past conferences.

Claris support

Receive one-to-one email assistance for pre-purchase questions, orders, installation, conversion, and connectivity.

Claris certification

Validate your Claris FileMaker expertise with an official credential.

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