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We’re delivering new capabilities on a quick cadence.

FileMaker 19

Opened the platform to other technologies like JavaScript and JSON so you can solve more business problems.

FileMaker 2023

Enhanced performance of custom apps, increased scalability with more hosting capacity, updated security protocols to protect your data, and delivered new capabilities.

FileMaker 2024

Delivered new AI capabilities to get more value from existing data, safely and reliably. New tools also support building faster apps and updates make deployment hassle-free.

Not using the latest version of FileMaker? You’re missing some valuable features released over the past few months, such as transactions, layout calculations, running on the latest OS, and more.

Avoid the pitfalls of out-of-date software.

Using an outdated version of Claris FileMaker carries risks, especially when the software is no longer supported. That means no more security updates to protect against cyber threats, compatibility issues, slow processing speeds, and increasing bugs and crashes. You can – and should – avoid these problems by upgrading to the current FileMaker version.
— James Ducker, founder and director, Decent Group, a Claris Platinum Partner
Note: FileMaker 18 is no longer supported, and support for FileMaker 19 ends in 2024.

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