Career fulfillment and freedom found with Claris FileMaker.

Krissy Ferris holds many titles: chief of staff at Proof+Geist, past lead facilitator at Women Innovating Together — FileMaker (WITfm), and maestro of her own life. Find out how she has forged a fierce path, encouraging individuals in the tech industry to be bold, ask lots of questions, and jump into Claris networking and WITfm leadership opportunities.

A prescription for improved data management.

While working as an office manager in a medical office, Krissy was on the hook to find a more efficient data management system for the organization. Claris FileMaker emerged as the ideal solution, marking the start of a beautiful, long-term relationship.

“We built a low-code solution from the ground up with FileMaker, and as the functionality of the custom solution grew, so did my comfort level. In fact, I felt so at ease working with FileMaker and got so much enjoyment from developing, I decided to turn it into a career,” says Krissy.

FileMaker proficiency leads to a new business.

Launching a new business can be daunting, but support from Krissy’s employer helped ease the transition, allowing her to take on new clients and scale back her work hours in tandem – a gesture Krissy appreciates to this day.

“Being able to find my footing on my own while building a client base, rather than jumping into the deep end, was a gift. Plus, my former employer became my first client and remains with me now,” adds Krissy.

Free to be me.

When asked about the draw of establishing a business around Claris FileMaker, Krissy doesn’t hesitate. Flexibility and freedom lead the way, since she’s able to choose which companies to work with and how to structure her day.

“If you can set and manage client expectations, you’re in the driver’s seat. For example, last summer, I wanted to spend more time in my yard, planting a garden. I was heads’ down in the winter, then had the flexibility to be outside once the weather was nice — a perk not found in many jobs,” she says.

FileMaker scales with Krissy’s career.

As her own business continued to grow and evolve, Krissy realized that Claris FileMaker offered opportunities to orchestrate data and create business systems at a scale, beyond what she could execute on her own. By joining the team at Proof+Geist, she retained the benefits of a flexible, remote lifestyle while gaining the strength of a brilliant, creative team who, together, orchestrate solutions for businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

“Joining a team has been the best decision of my career. Technically, we can do exponentially more as a team than any one of us could do individually. More importantly, it has given me a home base and support network that I can rely on and learn from. I am doing my best work, helping our team provide exceptional service and create exceptional products,” she says.

The magic of Claris Engage.

Krissy focuses on staying connected with peers for support and advice, critically important for those who work remotely. In her opinion, one of the best ways to bond with other developers and entrepreneurs is through tapping into the growing, yet tight-knit community at Claris Engage.

Claris implements this annual event that brings together the developer community, Claris Partners, clients, and potential customers to celebrate digital innovation, advance learning opportunities, and collaborate with peers.

“There’s a magic in the air at Claris Engage, being surrounded by individuals who are willing to go out of their way to help you. I encourage anyone who can attend to participate, as you gain access to a wealth of development expertise and input,” Krissy continues.

FYI: Due to the pandemic, Claris Engage looks different this year. Claris Engage Beyond 2021 is a virtual event with ongoing sessions spread out over the coming months. We plan to be back in full force, in person next year, with Claris Engage tentatively scheduled for July 11-14, 2022 at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee.

A supportive space for women.

Krissy is quite involved in WITfm, and as its former lead facilitator, she is proud of the group’s success in uplifting women who work with Claris software, while advocating to get more women involved through mentorship programs and scholarships to attend Claris Engage.

She explains, “The support within this group provides a place to ask questions without being judged. There are extensive resources and expertise at your fingertips, with people willing to jump on a call to discuss any number of topics, ranging from how do I configure a server, to where can I purchase business insurance?”

Be bold, be brave.

Krissy’s advice to someone new to the technology space: Be as bold as you can.

“The Claris Community is kind and well-intentioned, but you have to make the effort to put yourself out there. Whether joining an organization like WITfm, volunteering for an event, or signing up for a mentorship program, once you start to make those personal connections, that’s when you become part of something bigger and more powerful.”

Ready to take Krissy’s advice? Check out Women Innovating Together – FileMaker to learn more about opportunities to get involved in the Claris Community.