Why choose cloud hosting over on premise?

Why do SMB organizations choose cloud hosting instead of on premise?

The decision to host custom apps in the cloud or on premise has many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) wondering which option to select. And when SMBs are faced with shrinking IT budgets and growing software requirements, the decision becomes even more pressing. Find out why cloud hosting may be the hosting solution for your organization.

What is cloud hosting?

After building custom apps for your organization, you need to figure out where to host them. Cloud hosting refers to hosting and deploying custom Claris FileMaker apps on cloud infrastructure, instead of hosting those apps on local servers maintained by your team (an on-premise option) or third-party data centers.

Top six reasons for cloud hosting.

1. Cost-effectiveness.

Hosting custom apps in the cloud eliminates the need for your organization to invest in expensive infrastructure. Your IT team no longer needs to manage server hardware, software, and a network, saving the team’s time and giving your organization cost savings year over year by cutting infrastructure expenses.

2. Security and data protection.

Cloud hosting providers use advanced security measures to protect business data. These security measures tend to include regular backups, data encryption, and compliance with industry regulations, alleviating the security burden on your business.

3. Scalability.

With cloud hosting, you gain the ability to scale based on business demands. That’s because you can quickly adjust computing power and storage to ensure your custom apps perform seamlessly.

4. Optimized management.

Cloud platforms usually offer easy-to-use management interfaces and tools, so you can deploy, monitor, and manage the hosting of your custom applications. These features make it easier to track and oversee users and groups.

5. Accessibility and flexibility.

Since you can access cloud-based apps anywhere with an internet connection, your business can deliver services to a wider audience. Cloud hosting lets you expand remote collaboration with your team and gives the flexibility needed for your team to work from various devices like a laptop, iPad, and iPhone.

6. Global reach.

Since cloud hosting services operate around the globe, data centers need to be in multiple regions. Mapping to regional data centers helps deploy apps closer to the target audience and improves app performance and speed.

Why should you consider Claris FileMaker Cloud to host your custom apps?

FileMaker Cloud eliminates the hassles of deployment and administration, so you can deliver the custom apps your business relies on more quickly and affordably. Eliminating the need to focus on infrastructure maintenance frees up time to deliver digital solutions built with FileMaker Pro that make a business thrive.

Let’s dive into the multiple reasons why FileMaker Cloud is a powerful hosting option.

Time and money savings.

Since infrastructure hassles end with cloud hosting, your team saves time because server, hardware, and network management tasks go away. Your organization can experience a positive long-term return on investment year over year since costs for on-premise hosting are eliminated.

Enterprise-grade security.

Your data is yours — its security is our top priority. Claris, an Apple company, provides enterprise-grade infrastructure, technology, and support to protect your data. Industry-standard security includes AES 256-bit encryption, SSL, AWS key management, and multi-factor authentication. You also get support for external identity providers and role-based access control. In addition, FileMaker Cloud achieved successful completion of a SOC 2® Type 2 audit and achieved ISO certifications for security and privacy under Apple’s certification process.


FileMaker Cloud scales along with your business — it’s built for quick expansion as your business experiences fast-paced growth. With the click of a button, you can increase computation power and data storage as well as the number of users and custom apps hosted.

Simplified management.

Using FileMaker Cloud puts maintenance on cruise control. The user-friendly console makes it easy to manage and monitor your team’s permissions, accounts, groups, and subscriptions — all in one place. Plus, data backups occur every 20 minutes, and software update notifications are automatic. You can even use web services through a REST API to perform admin tasks.

Instant collaboration.

FileMaker Cloud lets you take a Cloud Smart approach by providing access to your data from any device — laptop, iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices — at any time. This effortless access improves support for your remote employees, virtual teams, and individuals working in the field.

Global data centers.

We strive to map customers to the closest AWS data center available. This mapping enhances speed and performance for your custom apps.

Thousands of customers use Claris FileMaker Cloud.

We make it easy to move from on-premise hosting to FileMaker Cloud. As you migrate from your current hosting option, our Customer Support team provides the assistance you may need, and they’re ready 24/7 to answer your FileMaker Cloud questions.

Support is available in English only, specifically for FileMaker Cloud customers.

Join thousands of your peers by hosting custom apps with FileMaker Cloud. Once you’re up and running, you can use Claris FileMaker’s latest technologies. Since updates are automatic, you’re always current with every FileMaker Cloud version and using the most recent FileMaker features and capabilities.

Interested in knowing more about cloud hosting?

The advantages listed above are just the beginning. Check out even more benefits that FileMaker Cloud offers, and discover why it just may be the hosting solution for your business. Learn more now.

Look for a follow-up blog that explores the pros and cons of various hosting options.