Avoid the temptation to leave your Claris FileMaker software alone.

You know you should upgrade to the latest Claris FileMaker release, but the version you’re now using still works just fine. So why rock the boat?

As time goes on, you’ll miss more and more FileMaker releases and enhanced FileMaker software. Not taking advantage of the newest software may become disruptive, and eventually, you’ll have an issue of some kind. That’s because as software ages, problems happen – many times quite unexpectantly.

Let’s address some frequently asked questions.

Q: If I use an old version of FileMaker software, will I have security and compatibility risks?

A: Yes, if you use FileMaker software that is outdated, you will probably have security and compatibility risks. These risks become more acute once the FileMaker version you’re using is no longer supported. Keep in mind that support for FileMaker 18 has lapsed, and FileMaker 19 support ends in December 2024.

Once that software support goes away, you stop receiving security updates to protect your custom apps against ever-evolving cyber threats. Compatibility issues may also arise since other software and systems may find it harder to work seamlessly together.

This incompatibility can lead to the need for workarounds, which potentially damages business productivity. Plus, the system can slow down, resulting in a frustrated team of FileMaker platform users and further affecting business operations.

To sum it up, you may face issues with:

  • Security: You need the latest Claris enterprise-grade security to safeguard your data from cyber-attacks.
  • Compatibility: Problems may emerge when exchanging files with other systems or when you upgrade hardware like desktop computers.
  • Slow processing speeds: A sluggish system causes frustration and delays, which ultimately hits the business’ bottom line.
  • Bugs: Who wants those niggly little problems that affect a system and only get worse over time?

Using an outdated version of Claris FileMaker carries risks, especially when the software is no longer supported. That means no more security updates to protect against cyber threats, compatibility issues, slow processing speeds, and increasing bugs and crashes. You can – and should – avoid these problems by upgrading to the most recent version of FileMaker.

— James Ducker, founder and director, Decent Group, a Claris Platinum Partner

Q: What’s the value of updating to the most recent version of Claris FileMaker?

A: The value of updating to the most recent version of Claris FileMaker is you get a safer, tougher, faster, and more dependable development software. Beyond these essentials, your organization can benefit from new FileMaker features and enhancements, including:

  • Enterprise-grade security to protect your FileMaker data more rigorously.
  • Greater scalability that supports larger-scale deployments.
  • Enhanced performance and speed with updates to back infrastructure and more.
  • AI-driven solutions since FileMaker supports Core ML models, allowing predictive AI in custom apps.

Plus, there’s so much more. See what you’re missing.

Q: Can someone help me update my FileMaker software?

A: Sure, we’re happy to help you update your FileMaker software! Either request support from a Claris rep or work directly with a Claris Partner – like Decent Group.

In addition to helping you get the latest FileMaker tech, a trusted Claris Partner can also extend the value of your FileMaker investment by offering:

  • Development consultation if you’d like an objective view of your digital processes and business operations strategy.
  • Development support to build a new custom app – or revitalize an old one – that solves difficult problems, streamlines manual processes, and helps improve the business’ bottom line.
  • Development training services to elevate your FileMaker skill level and enhance your knowledge of the Claris platform.

With more than 1,400 partners around the world, you’re sure to find an expert near you who is ready to provide valuable tech support. Find a Claris Partner today.