Is Claris FileMaker being discontinued? No. Let's clear the rumor.

With nearly 40 years of history, developers have turned to Claris FileMaker to help them solve their toughest problems for decades. Because of its longevity as a technology brand, some developers might wonder if FileMaker technology has become outdated.

FileMaker is not being discontinued.

Organizations around the world continue to rely on FileMaker as a rapid application development solution, which underscores the relevancy of FileMaker. The latest version of the software – FileMaker 2023 – empowers developers to build the highest-performing, scalable, and reliable custom applications. Combined with Claris Connect, users can now integrate their FileMaker apps with almost any third-party app that has a REST API. FileMaker app integration automates workflows by eliminating manual processes.

FileMaker is stronger than ever, and other developers agree. Here’s why:

Five ways FileMaker continues to improve.

1. New Claris FileMaker 2023 launched earlier this year.

Since developers around the world have built life-long careers on FileMaker, Claris commits our efforts to continuously advance FileMaker technologies. The launch of FileMaker 2023 serves as proof of our investment in FileMaker and the developer community.

With FileMaker 2023, you automatically benefit from higher app performance, enhanced scalability, and rigorous security protocols, giving you the ability to deliver more valuable digital solutions to the organization you support. Explore all of the features in this release.

A key enhancement in FileMaker 2023 is the inclusion of a new script step that makes it easier than ever to trigger a workflow in Claris Connect. This means you can integrate your custom FileMaker apps with third-party apps to instantly automate workflows. Plus, Claris Connect has a free tier – making now the perfect time to explore the benefits of app integration with Claris Connect and FileMaker.

2. FileMaker innovation stays in continuous motion.

Developer feedback plays a key role for the evolution of FileMaker, and the release of FileMaker 2023 (version 20.2) makes this evident. This FileMaker version features enhancements based on input directly from the developer community.

When developers share feedback about FileMaker features, we listen and take action to make the next iteration even better. You can look forward to even more functionality coming soon because of our continuous release cycle. By using the most current FileMaker and Claris Connect release, you can run your solutions faster, more securely, and with greater efficiency on desktops, mobile devices, and the web.

3. The Claris Community continues to grow.

Do you know that more than one million users around the globe rely on FileMaker to solve their toughest problems? The powerful solutions you can develop with Claris FileMaker are only limited by your imagination. And when you need support, the online Claris Community of over 30,000 active developers is a fantastic place to bounce ideas around and get development advice from others who know the FileMaker platform inside and out.

Plus, a global network of Claris Partners use FileMaker to develop powerful solutions for their customers. If you have an idea for an app but aren’t sure how to get it over the finish line, Claris Partners can help. You can find a partner who will work with you to plan, create, and deploy a customized digital solution. With 1,400 partners across the globe, chances are there’s a partner near you.

The numbers above represent a vibrant community of FileMaker developers and partners that’s stronger than ever.

4. FileMaker has an expansive and versatile customer base.

Thousands of organizations across a variety of industries keep turning to FileMaker to solve their toughest business problems. Why? Because it’s a rapid application development platform that companies can leverage to develop solutions at scale. From small and medium-sized businesses to enterprise organizations, customers of all sizes have overcome obstacles and streamlined business operations with custom apps built with FileMaker.

Discover why ESPN Netherlands considers FileMaker its behind-the-scenes MVP to facilitate broadcast operations when there’s no room for failure. See the FileMaker solution.

5. New FileMaker certifications have arrived.

As FileMaker evolves, so have the options for earning development credentials through the Claris certification program. Our program shifted from a single credential option to multiple certification opportunities — including the Claris FileMaker Pro Associate certification — with many more certification options to come. Interested in earning one? Sign up for free on Claris Community.

Giving developers the choice to tailor their learning and credentialing options based on their individual skillset aligns with modern standards for technology certifications. Plus, developers can look forward to additional certifications to come that reflect evolving FileMaker technology.

These are just five of the numerous reasons why Claris FileMaker is alive and very much thriving. You can depend on FileMaker to help you deliver high-performing custom applications that scale to your organization’s needs now and in the decades to come.

Want to learn more about FileMaker? Explore a breadth of resources to help you get started, and when you’re ready, give FileMaker 2023 a test drive with a free 45-day trial.

FileMaker frequently asked questions.

Who uses FileMaker?

Organizations of all kinds use FileMaker to help improve their operations. Check out customer stories to see how businesses transform the way they work with FileMaker.

Who owns FileMaker?

Claris, an Apple company, owns FileMaker.

Is FileMaker outdated?

FileMaker is absolutely not outdated. FileMaker continues to evolve with regular releases and continuous enhancements on the horizon.

Is FileMaker free?

FileMaker is available at no cost through a free 45-day trial. Learn more.