Get ready for the newest Claris FileMaker version: FileMaker 2023!

You, as a Claris FileMaker developer, deliver the value businesses have relied on for decades. Providing powerful software to our developer community fuels everything we do at Claris. As such, get ready for the launch of the newest version of Claris FileMaker coming April 25, 2023! It’s called Claris FileMaker 2023.

Why FileMaker 2023 and not FileMaker 20?

As a modern technology, FileMaker will reflect modern release numbering conventions going forward. Starting with FileMaker 2023, you can expect FileMaker numbering schemes to be based on current year. In the past, when major releases deployed every 12 to 24 months, a major number release was logical. But now, as the FileMaker platform advances with continuous innovation and a faster release cadence, moving to a numbering scheme based on release year reflects the continuous improvement at Claris.

Referencing current FileMaker versions by release year will naturally represent the ongoing iterations of the FileMaker platform. The release year numbering pattern also makes it abundantly obvious to users that they have the current FileMaker version, with the latest features and the best performance, security, and reliability.

Investing in the future together.

Enhancements to the FileMaker platform have accelerated over the past three years and will continue while the new Claris platform also evolves. We will continue to deliver on our promise to you that you have continuity in your business and your FileMaker development toolset.

Thank you for your trust in Claris and cheers to your future solutions! Remember to look out tomorrow for the official release of FileMaker 2023.