Claris launches Claris Connect for Apple School Manager.

Claris Launches Claris Connect for Apple School Manager to Seamlessly Connect Student Data with Apple Education Technology.

CUPERTINO, Calif. - May 4, 2021 – Claris International Inc., an Apple subsidiary, today announced the general availability (GA) of Claris Connect for Apple School Manager. Previously in beta testing, Claris Connect seamlessly integrates student information system (SIS) data into Apple School Manager in minutes. Automatically having SIS data securely flow into Apple School Manager makes it drastically faster and easier for school stakeholders — administrators, teachers, students, and parents — to access a wide range of Apple services, apps, and technology. Claris Connect includes support for Aeries, Follet Aspen®, and Skyward® SIS and is free for schools using Apple School Manager.

Claris Connect is IMS Global Certified for the OneRoster® specification that supports secure sharing of roster, course, enrollment, and grades data with Apple School Manager. Adopting the OneRoster standard means schools can save time, cut costs, and improve system integrations when compared to connecting custom APIs. In addition, low cost and rapid integration gives schools the flexibility and agility to safely add learning tools, digital content, and applications to meet diverse needs across the curriculum.

“Anytime you evaluate new software, the number one question is, ‘does this integrate with our SIS, gradebook, Learning Management System (LMS), active directory, or email?’ But with Claris Connect and FileMaker, that’s never our concern,” said Steve Palomo, IT director at Beverly Public Schools. “We have been using Claris Connect to allow integration with Apple School Manager and other software packages, which gives us the flexibility to leverage software that’s perfect for us.”

Claris Connect for Apple School Manager also makes it easy to automate the creation of Managed Apple IDs at scale, providing access to technology and teaching tools that give students and educators the opportunity to work at school or remotely including:

  • The Classroom app, a versatile teaching assistant that lets teachers take charge of every iPad and Mac for instruction both in the classroom and remotely, keeping students on track.
  • The Schoolwork app that allows teachers to easily assign anything from worksheets to activities in educational apps, follow students’ progress, and collaborate with each student in real time.
  • 200GB of iCloud storage along with folder sharing through the iCloud Drive that promotes collaboration.
  • Shared iPad data, which enables schools to securely share devices between students, while still providing a personalized experience.

“Schools across the United States constantly face challenges around getting the most meaningful information out of the volumes of data gathered and processed each day––which we are solving with Claris Connect for Apple School Manager. Schools are also underfunded for tech, compounded by the very tough challenge related to talent recruitment,” said Brad Freitag, CEO at Claris. “At Claris, we are passionate about welcoming a new generation of low-code developers with Claris Connect as a starting point, and by supporting their journey through Claris Academy and our community.”

Claris has a wealth of experience working with educators and school systems. For more than three decades, Claris has empowered innovators at over 14,000 K-12 schools across the world to work smarter and faster using custom applications developed with Claris FileMaker. Claris Connect is a cloud-based data integration service that helps schools – and businesses – create powerful, automated workflows between applications, while significantly lowering the barrier to sophisticated app development. From attendance, inventory, and visitor tracking to lesson plans, course scheduling, and beyond, Claris powers custom software solutions to fill any technology gap.

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