Claris' response to COVID-19.

Our community has been addressing problems following large-scale disasters for a long time. In the face of crisis, our amazing community has always risen to the challenge. Today, we have the opportunity to do the right thing again.

Claris is partnering with developers in our community to rapidly produce free, custom software applications for communities impacted by COVID-19. Our commitment is to support workers in healthcare, education, and disaster response mitigating the impact of this virus.

Projects selected by the Claris COVID-19 Response Team will be supported with prototyping and development support, hosting, and extended software trial licensing based on need.

During the past weekend our Claris COVID-19 Response Team selected two projects in healthcare.

Project proposals may be submitted to Julie Sigfrinius, Senior Manager of Global Partnerships, at


What are the project selection criteria?

Projects supported by the Claris Community will meet the following criteria:

  • Support the following critical fields: healthcare, education, and disaster response
  • Have immediate high impact on the health and comfort of those affected or on education 
  • Custom apps should be reusable by other organizations facing similar challenges worldwide
  • Be deployable quickly

Who decides what projects are supported?

The Claris COVID-19 Response Team is comprised of Claris employees, Claris Community members, and subject matter experts in healthcare, education, and disaster response.