Claris Partners ready to support Claris Connect

Claris Partners-Connect distinguishes members of our business alliance with focus on supporting Claris Connect 

Our partner ecosystem is among the best in the business, sharing expertise with our customers day in and day out. With the launch of Claris Connect, we are proud to have partners specifically focused on the success of this exciting new product. 

The following partners have worked with Claris, providing critical insights and feedback in preparation for this release. As such, they are recognized as Claris Partners-Connect and are proven resources to provide support and guidance for Claris Connect. 

Thank you to these partners for their continued commitment and valuable expertise. With their future focused leadership, we can all embrace digital transformation through integration and automation.

1-more-thing: https://www.1-more-thing.com/en/

24U s.r.o: https://www.24u.cz

Acolyte Applications, LLC: https://acolyteapplications.net

ACTIVE DEVELOPPEMENT: https://www.actived.fr/filemaker.html

Automation USA: https://www.automationusa.net

Bizmaker di Enrico Belli: https://www.bizmaker.eu/en/

ClickWorks: https://www.clickworks.eu/en/

DataClip bv: https://dataclip.nl

DataTherapy: https://www.datatherapy.com

DB Services: https://dbservices.com

Empowered Data Solutions: http://empoweredds.com

Geist Interactive: https://www.geistinteractive.com

Gleason Solutions, LLC: https://www.gleasonsolutions.com

Harmonic Data Associates, Inc: https://harmonic-data.com

HSE: http://h-s-e.com

iFresh Software: http://www.ifresh.nl

iSolutions, Inc.: https://isolutions-inc.com

Leo Di Croce, P.Eng.: http://leodicroce.com/custom-apps/

LuminFire: https://luminfire.com

MainSpring, Inc.: https://gomainspring.com

MeiSol AG: https://meisol.ch

Premium System AB: https://www.premium.se

Productive Computing, Inc.: https://www.productivecomputing.com

PRO-SOFT: http://www.pro-soft.fr

Ross Digital, LLC: http://www.rossdigital.com

Sinapsi@work: https://www.sviluppofmguru.it/sviluppatori-filemaker/

Skeleton Key: https://skeletonkey.com

Soliant Consulting: https://www.soliantconsulting.com

Sounds Essential LLC: https://www.soundsessential.com

Square Moon Industries: https://www.squaremoon.se

Tactic-TGI inc: http://tactic-tgi.com

The Moyer Group: https://moyergroup.com

Tim Anderson Group: https://www.timanderson.co.uk

We Know Data: https://www.weknowdata.net

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