Claris FileMaker Server: Now on Linux!

Linux is here! We’re so excited that with the launch of Claris FileMaker Server 19.1.2, you can host your FileMaker apps on the world’s most popular open-source platform. Now, as part of Claris’ open release of FileMaker 19, deploy FileMaker Server on CentOS Linux alongside Windows and Mac. 

Not only does this offering satisfy one of our top customer requests from Claris developers, IT pros, and server administrators, it also makes FileMaker Server deployments more affordable than ever. 

Importantly, whether you’re using Windows, Mac, or Linux, the latest release comes packed with improvements, including:

  • Stability and reliability improvements. 
  • Easier upgrades to FileMaker Server.
  • Support of advanced security certificates.

Why Linux and why CentOS?

The Claris community has increasingly requested the option to host FileMaker applications on Linux for several reasons: Linux is highly available and reliable, highly-configurable, and ideal for virtual machines and bare-metal deployments. 

At Claris, we had to consider the Linux distribution that would most closely match our client requirements and our objectives for FileMaker Server. We finally decided on CentOS, which has a better balance between stability and distribution speed. Other OS focus on distribution speed at the expense of reliability. CentOS has the stability, reliability, and predictability that more closely matches customer needs, as well as objectives for FileMaker Server. 

With FileMaker Server for Linux you can:

  • Save money. No licensing fees as Linux is a free open source tool.
  • Rest easy. Enjoy a proven, stable, reliable, and secure platform.
  • Host your way. Choose the operating system that works best for cloud hosting and on-premise servers.

Easier upgrades, advanced security, and more for all users.

Whether you’re running Windows, Mac, or Linux, FileMaker Server 19.1.2 offers significant improvements for all users and offers the best hosting experience on your server or with your cloud service provider. Notable features include:

  • Faster upgrades. The installer now preserves user data and configuration.
  • Better performance with optimized indexing and sorting on multi-user apps.
  • Engine-level enhancements to manage file integrity, temporary files, and backups.
  • Stronger security with support for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) SSL/TLS certificates.

Looking for more information about the new key features, installation advice, and best practices for administering Claris FileMaker Server? Check out this Engineering blog at Claris Community for full details, or contact Claris today.

Please let us know what you think about our latest release by visiting the Claris Community to share your feedback. We promise you that our team will review and consider each piece of feedback for future releases.