Claris developers volunteer to help communities fight COVID-19 with free, custom apps.

Claris and our developer community are collaborating on rapid creation of custom apps to support healthcare, education, disaster response, and non-profit organizations.

The following use cases are now available globally, for those responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. If any of the following use cases can support your efforts, please contact us. 

In addition, the Claris Response Team is ready to assist with software and support to get you up and running. To connect with the Response Team directly, please contact:

Examples of Use Cases


ReaCovid is an app for hospitals to manage availability of beds equipped with respiratory devices for COVID patients. Healthcare professionals in hospitals can use this app to quickly check bed availability at area hospitals and, if necessary, efficiently re-direct patients to a different hospital where there are beds available. This app allows healthcare professionals to see capacity and efficiently make decisions. 

COVID-19 Tracker

COVID-19 Tracker is an app that allows hospitals and clinics to track people with pre-existing cardio-pulmonary conditions, putting them at greater risk for COVID-19 complications. The primary purpose of the app is to act as a data repository for future research, analysis, and decision making. This app offers a central registry of information for health clinics, testing centers and hospitals. 


Orpheus is a comprehensive disease tracking app for health and treatment centers. Track patient information, lab results, treatments, risks, important documents, and more. Health and treatment centers experiencing an influx of patients due to COVID-19 can rely on Orpheus to meet all of their patient disease tracking needs.


Extensive measures to socially distance and self-isolate create added challenges for some people to safely get groceries, medicines, and other daily essentials. Help@Hand matches isolated individuals or households needing extra help getting these essentials with local volunteers who are willing and able to run every-day errands. 


NRGship helps businesses that rely on inbound/outbound shipping maintain productivity during remote work. This carrier-certified shipping solution allows businesses to easily rate and ship from home. 

If any of the use cases listed above would help with your efforts or you need help, please contact our Response Team.

We are continually updating this list with new use cases to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check back frequently for the latest developments or to volunteer.