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Licensing FAQs

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Problem Solvers Circle is a limited-time program that brings everything Claris together for you. Get access to the entire Claris platform for all of your users including employees, temps, contractors, and consultants. Unrestricted web and mobile use. Plus, white-glove onboarding assistance to ensure a quick start and first access to a developer preview of Claris Studio. All under one simple licensing plan.

Availability FAQs

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Problem Solvers Circle is a first-come, first-served program that’s limited to the first 500 eligible customers who enroll beginning May 3, 2022. Enrollment ends on June 24, 2022, or when the program reaches capacity.

Pricing FAQs

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For only 30% more than the price to renew your current FileMaker user license for two years, you’ll get a two-year Annual Site License Agreement for Claris FileMaker software for your entire company, Claris Connect Standard plan, and access to all clients and developer tools. In addition, you’ll also be eligible to participate in an exclusive developer preview of Claris Studio.

Claris FileMaker Cloud FAQs

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The Standard pricing plan comes with:

  • Users: All employees up to 100 users.
  • Hosting limit: 125 apps.
  • Storage: 6 GB of FileMaker Data Storage per user/per year.
  • Compute: 2x large instance type, 8 CPUs, 32 GB of storage.
  • API usage: 2 GB outbound data transfer of FileMaker Data API/OData per user, per month (inbound data transfer is unlimited).
  • Support: 24/7 support in English.

NOTE: FileMaker Cloud is an optional Problem Solver Circle add-on. Contact Claris Sales or your Claris Partner for cost information.

Anonymous Users FAQs

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Anonymous users don’t require a username or password (login credentials or authentication) and can access a form or app without having to sign in. Anonymous users are typically end-users who access web forms to submit information for surveys, event registrations, and other cases where you want to collect information from one-time or infrequent users. Anonymous users are also referred to as guest accounts.

Claris Connect FAQs

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This cloud-based integration technology lets you sync data between popular apps you use every day. Integrate your cloud and on-premise apps, and easily automate the flow of data between any app or system in your tech stack.

Use prebuilt connectors between popular business apps, or utilize webhooks to create custom integrations for sharing information in real time between virtually any online service. Manage marketing leads, track customer service tickets, facilitate orders, and more.

Claris Studio FAQs

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We are delighted to announce Claris Studio. Built leveraging the latest web technology, it’s the future of the Claris development platform. You’ll be able to build scalable web-based solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing Claris FileMaker solutions, deliver consistent, delightful customer experiences, and rely on Claris to evolve every aspect of your business.

As part of the inner Problem Solvers Circle, you get an exclusive developer preview of Claris Studio. In this initial release, you can create responsive webforms. Forms can be used to collect data from external sources, for example, to have attendees sign up for an upcoming event including your internal team.