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At Beezwax, we grow powerful FileMaker, Web and Mobile solutions.

World-renowned FileMaker development
A recognized leader in FileMaker development, Beezwax has built over one thousand custom FileMaker solutions for a diverse client list that includes small businesses, non-profits, academic institutions, enterprise workgroups, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Many Beezwax customers are in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we also support organizations and developers across the US, even around the world.

Beezwax is a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. Our staff contributes to the FileMaker community by regularly speaking at industry events, developing widely-used software tools and offering ongoing instruction to teach other FileMaker developers the tricks of the trade.

FileMaker custom development
Beezwax specializes in building custom FileMaker systems for virtually any use. We can help design your database from the ground up or enhance an existing solution. Beezwax developers have integrated FileMaker with systems including SQL, QuickBooks, Google APIs, Salesforce, e-commerce, Mobile POS, Email Marketing, Web Services APIs, as well as core productivity applications like email, spreadsheets, calendars and more.

We tailor each solution that we build to the unique requirements for our customers' data environments. We strive to make sure your database system matches your needs, your business, your style and your workflow.

Rich Internet applications - FileMaker to web
Beezwax is particularly adept at linking FileMaker data to the Web, and enabling integration with technologies such as JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, SQL, HTML5, Data Visualization, Web Services and iOS. We’ll help you extend and control public access to your data, while it remains connected to your secure internal databases. Using cutting edge tools and time-tested methodology, our in-house web development teams create beautiful, data-rich environments that maximize your organization’s presence on the Internet.

FileMaker Custom Business Apps (Web, iPad, iPhone)
The FileMaker Platform is ideal for mobile users who require custom business apps to access data wherever and whenever needed. Beezwax can tailor your FileMaker solution so it works smoothly and looks great on iPhone, iPad or any web browser.

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What our clients say about us:

'Beezwax has been a close partner — working together with us and not giving up until we created a successful solution.'

- Brad Bush, Reel Security Corporation

'We needed an application built right the first time. We knew to come to Beezwax.'

- Efraim Wyeth, President,

'Beezwax vastly improved how we process reservations, giving staff and guests up-to-the-minute information. We improved service while reducing costs.'

- Ariel Benarroch, Director of Information Technology, Touchstone Hotel

'It is quite comforting for me to know that the [app] is in the very capable hands of Beezwax. I know they will fix or enhance whatever is needed, to the exact specifications of our staff, and in a way that is completely in sync with the rest of our technological context.'

- Chris Norman, IT Director, Ten Speed Press/Random House

Products & Solutions for FileMaker
Beezwax develops software tools, frameworks and applications to help developers get the most out of FileMaker:

• InspectorPro – the must-have tool for every FileMaker developer to diagnose, debug and document database solutions.
• FOCUS – an innovative framework which brings robust functionality, better code maintenance and greater control over development life cycles.
• '@', SQL Sugar - a nimble SQL powertool designed expressly for FileMaker developers.
• TextMate bundle - use TextMate as a text editor for FileMaker development.
• ModularFileMaker - contributed modules for Email, Accounts, iOS previews and more
• bBox - FileMaker Pro plug-in that integrates Python, JavaScript, SQLite, AppleScript, shell scripts, Perl, Ruby and more.


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