COMPANY DESCRIPTION{ude} is part of a cluster of creative and technical specialist companies working to bring individual flair to problem solving wherever and however you are managing or presenting your business and its data

our partnership approach delivers original and creative results in a calm and controlled manner, while the unique listening framework we use gives consistently high levels of customer satisfaction as we work to our strengths

with over 25 years experience in the live performance and events industries we have been using databases to manage people, flights, equipment, transport, invoicing, presentations and programmes since we were all liberated from index cards

as a nimble organisation, with a long-standing focus on efficiency, the skills we developed in-house to manage this wide variety of activity for some of the Midlands premier blue-chip manufacturing and service companies has increasingly been used in other businesses, as we demonstrate that cross-fertilisation of ideas from all the sectors in which we work can produce tangible benefits and improvements to those behind-the-scenes processes which have a direct result on customers and administrative staff

some of our most recent work has bought impressive results with integration of PDF forms technology, creation of PDF/A invoices, and we are certainly at the forefront of manipulating PDF files using FileMaker as the central process management tool

we are often updating existing solutions to take advantage of FileMaker Go, which puts your information onto to your iOS device wherever you are, and has unlimited potential by putting direct interaction in the hands of customers or users at the point of use - like surveys or registration at events, barcode scanning in warehouse applications, product catalogues or site surveys in retail environments, and data capture while you are talking to a potential client

we additionally offer training and mentoring from beginner to advanced, in areas which will help you to become a better FileMaker developer within your organisation, and are frequent contributors to the wider community

first point of contact is our website and we can talk for hours about how FileMaker could help you if you want to hear more


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