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About DataStudio
DataStudio has award winning development team with more than 10 years experience in development. We are specialized in developing business solutions and integrating them in business environments. We are certified FileMaker developer and FileMaker Business Alliance member.

Why choose us?
Our main advantage is our waste real-life experience with understanding business proceses, optimizing them and transforming them into FileMaker solutions. Programming is neverending expirience. We are very lucky since we are getting lots of experience through out vertical solution “Poslovanje” where we have constant direct interaction with over 500 businesses. That helps to improve programing techniques and tecnologies and use them in our custom solutions.

Our team consist of skilled developers which are specialized in their own field. We have strong organization therefore we can deliver advanced solutions beyond capatibilities of one-man-band developers. We give special attention to user interface design and workflow of our solutions. Key technologies that we use for developing our are:
FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, Filemaker Server, PHP, SQL, XML, HTML, CSS, VPS (CentOS, FreeBSD and OpenBSD), Javascript, SOAP, JSON, Apache, Mysql, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL
We also offer complete system support for our Mac OS, Windows and Linux users. We have following certificates: MCPS, MSCA, MCSAM, MCNPS, MCSE, CISCO CCNA LINUX RHCE

In order to provide the best possible support to our customers entire DataStudio team is at your disposal 24 hours a day.
Custom (Bespoke) Solutions
Since our team has worked with wide range of businesses we are able quickly to choose appropriate approach to understand clients needs. Because of wide variety of already developed solutions we are able to quickly find solutions for all kind of technical difficulties. Since we are Mac users we give special attention to user interfaces and make them suitable and as simple as possible for the client.

Award winning vertical solution “Poslovanje”
“Poslovanje” is FileMaker based award winning complete business system which covers all major areas of retail store (POS), wholesale, webstore integration, mobile access for field orders and company management. In 2011 we have won FileMaker developer Contest organized by Winsoft International. Bernard Giraud, FileMaker project manager said that “Poslovanje” was chosen because it is 'a complete professional and adaptable solution. The user interface is really pleasant and easy to use and the solution combines modernity and user friendliness.'


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