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As a company we strive to take advantage of the latest database and internet developments, enabling our clients to benefit from the latest technology, operating with greater efficiency and reliability.

With database development experience that stretches back more than 40 years and with extensive business expertise, our team is well qualified to design, develop, install and support FileMaker Pro database solutions that in time could become the backbone of your organisation.

Our solutions can run across Windows and Macintosh networks, with databases designed for multi-user access. Solutions can also be accessed via the Internet and linked to integrated e-mail and web services. Websites can be designed to act as a front end to FileMaker, providing data-driven web pages and direct input to FileMaker systems from the web. With a Wi-fi or 4G link, these system can also be accessed from your iPhone or iPad, giving complete mobility for your solution.

Every year, we attend the FileMaker Developer Conference, normally held in California, so as to maintain our position as one of the most advanced and technically competent FileMaker Developers in the UK. In 2003 we were the first UK developer to be presented with the FileMaker Excellence Award for 'Evangelism and Technical Excellence' by FileMaker inc.

If you currently use FileMaker Pro, our development team is happy to discuss any requirements you might have for further modifications, upgrades and support for your system.

We believe that FileMaker Pro 16 is the most flexible and reliable business database development package available today and with this tool we can rapidly develop a powerful, dependable and easy-to-use database solution for your organisation.

Please contact us by email or phone to discuss how we can best assist you with the development of your specific project.


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