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We build and customize information systems that simplify your business processes so you spend less time on administration and more time getting things done. Our clients count on us for a wide range of services—everything from occasional technical support to complete custom solutions that exactly match their business practices and corporate culture.

We've been incorporating accounting processes into FileMaker solutions since 1993, and in 1994 we added double-entry accounting to one of the first FileMaker-based general business software solutions, BIZ Basics.

In 2003 we started integrating FileMaker Pro systems with QuickBooks Pro accounting software using plug-ins to take advantage of Intuit's new QuickBooks API. This level of integration provides several benefits to our clients: FileMaker Pro provides the flexibility to implement processes that are unavailable in QuickBooks, clients generate financial reports in a software package familiar to virtually every CPA in America, and all client data is entered in one place but is available everywhere it's needed in both programs.

We worked extensively with the FileBooks Link plug-in until it was superseded by FMBooksConnector and have helped several clients make the transition from early versions of FileBooks Link to current versions FMBooks Connector. Our years of experience integrating FileMaker and QuickBooks led us to create a 'black box' file full of proprietary processes that make us extremely efficient at completing complex integrations with minimal modifications to your FileMaker solution. Our expertise has led other FBA consultancies to outsource their client's FileMaker/QuickBooks integration projects to us.

Other areas of expertise include:
• Manufacturing systems that track all materials acquisition, capacity planning for labor and machine resources, and work in process.

• Custom fabrication solutions that allow the user to create a Bill of Materials on-the-fly or modify a previous job's BOM, produce estimates for multiple quantities based on material/labor/overhead costs, and convert estimates to sales orders, production work orders, and invoices—all in a seamless process.

• Wholesale and retail distribution systems with full cost accounting and inventory management.

• Marine Supply and Boatyard Management solutions that track all materials and labor used to repair and maintain each vessel.

• Fulfillment systems that ensure compliance with rules governing distribution of free and/or promotional goods.

• ISO and CE Mark compliance integration.

• FDA compliant materials management.


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