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Don’t build infrastructure around pre-existing apps. Create software that meets your exact needs.

Oftentimes, successful businesses get weighed down by outdated software and processes. Teams struggle with frustratingly time-consuming activities, and managers have important data scattered across various applications. One-size-fits-all software doesn’t quite fit your needs, and employees are forced to find workarounds. But there’s a solution: developing a custom platform built just for you. If any of these pain points sound familiar, we can engineer a solution.

About Us

Founded in 2002, Kyo Logic is a Certified Platinum FileMaker development company. Our employees have decades of combined FileMaker experience and know how to create the most powerful tailor-made applications and mobile solutions available. We have a deep understanding of FileMaker’s functionality and flexibility, but we work to gain an equally deep understanding of your business and unique needs. This is what allows us to create applications that are designed to truly maximize the power of your offerings and people.

Better Platforms Through Better Process

Our process is the driving force behind our ability to carefully craft custom solutions. When we start a new project, we see ourselves as an extension of our client’s team. We work with our clients to create a roadmap together and support our client every step of the way. We work towards that goal by understanding the requirements and pain points of our client’s business. This collaborative approach means we’re often adding new functionalities as we work on the project; it’s not uncommon for us to find new ways to help streamline processes along the way.

That philosophy extends into the production and post-production phases. After deployment, we ensure our clients are using the best custom platform for their business. That means getting feedback from employees, customers, or anyone else who may be utilizing the platform and adjusting as necessary.

The end result is a customized platform built from the ground up to address current needs and scale with future ones. Our highly customized platforms mean maximized efficiency and ease-of-use. Employees are free to focus on important aspects of their role because our platform has automated time-consuming tasks. 

Our Services

• Custom Application Development: We’ll create custom tools for your business, built to your exact specifications.
• Updating FileMaker Applications: We preserve your data and modernize it with updating existing FileMaker apps.
• Cloud Hosting: Fully deployed FileMaker servers, safe and secure in the cloud.
• Website Integration: We’ll help you create a FileMaker-powered site with integrated database support.
• FileMaker Licensing & Renewals: We’ll ensure you’re always up-to-date with the renewals and keys your business needs.
• Mobile Development and Integration: We manage servers so you don’t have to.


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