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Productive Computing, Inc. (PCI) is a leading provider of custom FileMaker Pro database development, IWP and PHP web solutions, iPad and iPhone development, plug-ins and ready to go “off the shelf” solutions.

Productive Computing, Inc. is one of only a few companies in the United States to have earned the highly respected Platinum level membership within the FileMaker Business Alliance and recently awarded the exclusive FileMaker Business Alliance Partner of the Year award.

* Core4 CRM:
The Core4 provides a completely open and customizable CRM platform that includes company and individual contacts, calendars, tasks, document storage, correspondence, sales opportunities, estimates, work orders, invoices, payments, inventory, time tracking, projects, reports and dashboards. In addition, it is preprogrammed to work with 3rd party applications including Outlook, QuickBooks, Address Book, and iCal through the use of optional add-on FileMaker Pro plug-ins. This solution has been engineered for use with FileMaker Pro 15, and is WAN optimized so you may access data from anywhere - your desktop, your iPad, or the web.

*Core5 Starter Edition: Core5 Starter Edition is an intuitive business information tool designed to manage the essential aspects of your company. Users can efficiently manage areas including contacts, tasks, document storage, appointments, sales opportunities, estimates, invoices, and dashboard overviews. This CRM is also pre-built to integrate with your existing QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online file.

* Vessel Service Solutions (VSS): VSS is a solution for covering ship or watercraft breakdown emergencies. Office dispatchers have the ability to send mobile orders straight from the office to captains. Captains can receive, view, and update order dispatches via the FileMaker Go® app on an iPad.

FileMaker Pro Plug-ins:

Outlook Automation:
* Outlook Manipulator Plug-in:
Provides bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Outlook amd Exchange. Exchange data with Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Mail and more for the 'user’s' default folder, as well as for “Public and Shared Folders” within the Exchange Environment. Access ANY Exchange mailbox for ANY user on the system.

QuickBooks Automation:
* FM Books Connector Plug-in:
Allows a bidirectional data exchange between QuickBooks desktop applications and FileMaker Pro using only a handful of script steps that do not require any knowledge of XML!

* FM Books Connector Online Plug-in:
Built specifically to communicate with QuickBooks Online company accounts and allows for bidirectional data exchange with FileMaker Pro.

*123sync Plug-in:
Combines with our FM Books Connector to accelerate the development of a custom integration with your existing FileMaker solution. The various packages offer a solution for a fixed price, up to date compatibility with the latest versions of QuickBooks and FileMaker, unlimited users per installation, and phone technical support.

Apple Automation:
* Address Book Manipulator Plug-in:
Provides a bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker Pro and the Macintosh Address Book. The plug-in can exchange data dynamically in a 'one-to-many' format which handles group and individual contacts, multiple addresses, phone numbers and e-mails per record.

*iCal Manipulator Plug-in:
Provides a bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Apple Calendar using nothing more than FileMaker script steps.

Utility Plug-ins:
* Biometric Fingerprint Reader Plug-in:
The Biometric Fingerprint Reader plug-in allows you the ability to incorporate fingerprint security and script control options directly in FileMaker. The use of biometric fingerprints is a secure and accurate high-tech way to allow for fast identity verification directly in FileMaker Pro.

* Change Printer Plug-in:
Provides FileMaker Pro the power to automatically change printer drivers within your scripts. It can be used to coordinate large and complex print procedures and switch between various types of printers/drivers such as: inkjet, laser, label, and PDF.

* eSign Signature Capture Plug-in:
Allows FileMaker Pro to capture signatures and bind them to information stored in your database. Now available for Tablet PC for your mobile staff.

* File Manipulator Plug-in:
A simple utility plug-in that gives FileMaker Pro the power to copy, rename, move or delete files and folders on local or networked drives.

* PDF Manipulator DC Plug-in:
Allows you to extract all text from a PDF, push and pull data from PDF form fields, combine multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file and more!


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Marketplace Success Stories

Marketplace solutions.

Core CRM Pro

A customizable, scalable, and affordable CRM that easily connects to QuickBooks.

Outlook Manipulator

Efficiently exchange data between your FileMaker app and Microsoft Outlook, Exchange or Office 365.

Change Printer

Automatically change printers, set printing attributes, and switch between types of printers/drivers.

FM Books Connector Online

Protect your QuickBooks file, while giving your users access to information they need in FileMaker.

Exchange Manipulator SE

Connect FileMaker to Microsoft Exchange or your 365 account with this server-side plug-in.

Cloud Manipulator

Use Cloud Manipulator to connect FileMaker with Amazon’s S3 buckets, objects, and properties.

FM Credit Card

Use FM Credit Card to securely capture client credit card information in your FileMaker app.

iCal Manipulator

Use iCal Manipulator to integrate the Apple Calendar app with FileMaker.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Enable biometric identification with your FileMaker apps for enhanced and reliable security.

PDF Manipulator DC

Connect FileMaker with Adobe Acrobat DC and give your app the power to extract data from PDFs forms.

Address Book Manipulator

Address Book Manipulator simplifies contact management by connecting FileMaker with Apple Contacts.

eSign Signature Capture

eSign Signature Capture plug-in captures signatures and binds them to data stored in FileMaker.

File Manipulator

Use File Manipulator to copy, move, rename or delete files and folders directly from your solution.


Exchange data between FileMaker and Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Tasks.

FileMaker & QuickBooks Desktop

Learn the skills necessary to build a direct connection between FileMaker and QuickBooks.

FM Books Connector

Eliminate double entry & improve data accuracy - connect FileMaker to QuickBooks desktop.

University Bundle

Gain access to all PCU courses with the University Bundle.

Developer API Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals for API integrations with FileMaker.

Claris Connect Fundamentals

Learn the concepts behind making connections to FileMaker using Claris Connect.

FileMaker Certification Prep

The FileMaker Certification Preparation course helps developers study for the FileMaker exam.

FileMaker Charting and Beyond

This course will show you how to create and configure the ten different FileMaker charts.

Connect to Mailchimp API

Learn how to connect to the Mailchimp API with your FileMaker app for list management and reports.

Connect to Stripe API

Learn to connect to the Stripe API to allow you to process payments through your FileMaker app.

Connect FileMaker to DocuSign

Learn the process of integrating your FileMaker app with the DocuSign eSignature REST API.

FileMaker & QuickBooks Online

Learn to integrate your FileMaker app with QuickBooks Online.

AWS Developer Environment

Learn to set up and configure an AWS EC2 instance as a FileMaker Developer Environment.

Connect FileMaker to Google

Install, configure, and develop solutions to build a direct connection from FileMaker to Google.

FMS External Authentication

Learn to implement External Authentication using FileMaker Server with various OAuth providers.

Connect FileMaker to Outlook

Install, configure, and develop solutions to build a connection from FileMaker to Microsoft Outlook.

FMS - Install SSL Certificates

Learn how to install and configure SSL certificates on FileMaker Server

WeatherBit Custom Connector

Learn how to deploy a custom connector for Claris Connect with our sample files and video lesson.