Claris delivers scalability with the launch of Claris FileMaker 2023.

CUPERTINO, Calif., April 25, 2023 – Claris International Inc., an Apple company, today released Claris FileMaker 2023, the latest version of the FileMaker rapid application development software. The Claris team continues to advance FileMaker at high velocity with total focus on making Claris developers successful and delivering value to the businesses they support.

“Custom FileMaker applications are increasingly being used by larger teams and reaching more end users. To support this growth, and give FileMaker developers the tools they need, we’re launching the most scalable version of FileMaker ever,” says Claris CEO Brad Freitag. “We’ve also improved the ability to integrate third-party software with FileMaker and Claris Connect, opening up possibilities for more customization and digital innovation.”

Bring custom apps to scale.

Earlier FileMaker releases emphasize the power of FileMaker’s open platform. Now, FileMaker 2023 succeeds as the latest FileMaker version with scalability at its core. The Claris team focused on performance, stability, and reliability with this release so developers can confidently expand their solutions to the needs of the organizations they serve.

“Our customers have relied on FileMaker for nearly four decades. Most of them depend on the FileMaker platform for the success of their business operations with technology giving a competitive advantage. Our customers put trust in this platform to scale with them into the future,” says Rick Kalman, Claris director of Product Management.

As an Apple company, protecting customer data comes first in every Claris product. FileMaker 2023 increases the ability to protect customer data and track usage of FileMaker custom apps. Developers who upgrade to FileMaker 2023 will have assurance that their data – and their customers’ data – is rigorously protected with the latest security protocols. Using a new script trigger, developers can create audit logs of every database interaction to track whenever a record is created, updated, or deleted to help detect unauthorized activity or security breaches.

More than ever, custom applications built with FileMaker need to integrate with a business’s entire tech stack. With FileMaker 2023, that’s easier than before because of a new script step that directly triggers workflows in Claris Connect. Additionally, Claris Connect is now available in a free tier, making the workflow automation software readily available for any Claris developers as an ideal complement to FileMaker 2023.

Complete support for peace of mind.

When upgrading to FileMaker 2023, developers can feel confident in their solutions by knowing the platform is the most secure and performant version of FileMaker to date. Customers using an older FileMaker version can receive assistance from the Claris Customer Support team to ensure their existing FileMaker apps migrate properly. Plus, developers can rely on the vibrant Claris Community of over 35,000 developers who want to help solve problems.

For customers who have a change they want to make to an app but are not sure how to make their approach, the Ask an Expert program can provide guidance. Simply fill out the questionnaire on the Claris Partners webpage and get connected to the right solution.

People are already talking.

Select Claris Partners had the opportunity to try out FileMaker 2023 prior to its launch. These partners have already experienced successes with the new platform and shared their results:

  • “I’m starting to review the new OnWindowTransaction script trigger. This is awesome! I imagine auditing is one of the primary use cases of FileMaker 2023. You can now get a JSON payload that returns a list of only the records and related records that were modified and – depending on how you configure your special OnWindowTransaction field – you can send yourself a list of the fields that were modified,” explains Micah Woods, president of Scodigo, Inc.
  • “I’m excited to see a number of long-standing in-market issues being fixed. The improvements in FileMaker 2023 really show the investment Claris is making in the continued success of FileMaker,” says Josh Ormond, president of Iozax Designs.
  • “With FileMaker 2023, we can take full advantage of ARM-based Linux servers and leave intel behind, whether this is running a test server on our MacBooks in a VM on Apple Silicon or benefitting from cheaper Amazon EC2 instances with ARM cores,” shares Christian Schmitz, CEO of Monkeybread Software.
  • “We have ways to Perform Script on Server without waiting for it to complete, and with Callback you now have a new way for Claris FileMaker Server to execute a script when it’s done processing. It’s like calling your virtual assistant and instead of waiting on the phone for five minutes for info, they basically call you back when they are ready with an answer,” remarks Vince Menanno, chief innovation officer of Beezwax Datatools, Inc.

Get on board with FileMaker 2023.

Find complete details about FileMaker 2023 – including release notes and how to upgrade – on the FileMaker webpage.