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The unparalleled power of the Claris platform has always helped you meet any software requirement – from digitally transforming organizations’ processes and technology to eliminating countless hours of manual work for businesses of all sizes worldwide. Your expertise combined with our professional low-code platform allows you to affordably digitize the difficult processes that run a business, leading to streamlined operations, improved productivity, and a great return on your software investment.

The Claris platform is now even more powerful, secure, open, and extensible than ever, assuring your reputation as a credible developer.

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Claris FileMaker 19.3

Powerful tech tools with Claris FileMaker 19.3.

I’m proud to introduce Claris FileMaker 19.3, our most recent software release that builds on the Claris open-platform promise. FileMaker 19.3 delivers modern deployment options, significant improvements in performance, stability and security, and our next generation no-code app builder – affordable, robust technology to enhance your development toolbox.

With your business as the primary focus, Claris has made significant investments in our platform over the past year, and working in an agile environment, we’ve deployed well over 100 updates, enhancements, and bug fixes, adding more features and functionality more frequently than ever before. We are elated with the progress!

FileMaker 19.3 lets you confidently say yes to any software project, requirement, or client. You can rely on the comprehensive Claris platform to create modern, custom solutions and deliver serious business software.

The proof is in the tech investment.

The dozens of updates address higher performance, stability, and security as well as introduce the latest technology across all the deployment options for the Claris platform, including:

  • Apple silicon: Claris FileMaker Pro and Claris FileMaker Server are the first low-code universal macOS binaries that ensure optimized performance on Apple silicon computers while still offering amazing speed on Intel-based Mac computers.
  • Microsoft Edge for Windows: The latest Microsoft Edge WebView2 control replaces Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), which eliminates potential security concerns and ensures full FileMaker extensibility on Windows.
  • Significant server enhancements: Introducing Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution worldwide; the return of an enhanced log viewer; and many more server fixes and under-the-hood functionality that boost performance, flexibility, stability, and security.

Test drive the new quick start experience.

I encourage you to preview our next generation no-code app builder – the quick start experience* – a new way to create FileMaker apps with a simple drag-and-drop interface in minutes. And when you’re ready, a simple click lets you continue building your app with the full FileMaker Pro feature set. New in this release, you can create relationships between tables with a simple, quick drag-and-drop, no-code UI. In addition, you can also quickly create one bottom navigation bar that works across your connected layouts – super handy for mobile apps.

We believe this feature is a good way to introduce low-code development to your new team members and individuals seeking to move into a tech career.

*Note: Quick start is available in FileMaker Pro on macOS and in FileMaker Cloud.

Enjoy the speed of rapid development and deployment.

With the latest product release, you’ll also gain the flexibility and technology we’ve launched over the past year, which means you can develop innovative solutions and deploy them faster, at a lower cost, without giving up control. These updates include:


You can easily extend custom applications and share them with others. I know you will appreciate the platform’s enhanced extensibility that allows you to do more with less effort, or if you prefer, create everything yourself with JavaScript. This feature lets you use readily available third-party JavaScript libraries, or your own custom code, to add advanced user interface elements to apps, such as calendars, charts, and custom controls. Including JavaScript integration builds on our no-limits philosophy – I’m proud to say there are simply no limits to what you can create using the Claris platform.


Our add-ons feature provides a new way to enhance each custom app with rich functionality, and even better, you can share that functionality with anyone. Once shared, individuals can develop a low-code app without the need of advanced coding skills. With a simple drag-and-drop, their app is ready to go.

Claris Connect

Because apps today need to share data, the powerful integration technology of Claris Connect lets you automate workflows between apps. Over the last year, we’ve added 14 new connectors, allowing you to smoothly exchange data across various systems and business applications. New connectors include UPS, Shopify, Smartsheet, and Smart-HR, as well as expanded functionality of several existing connectors. In addition, Claris Connect for Apple School Manager launched in May 2021 with three new connectors for a variety of student information systems (SIS) that will be growing in the future.

Even more features

Plus, we have added features that help make smarter apps with artificial intelligence (AI), such as Core ML (machine learning), for things like image classification and sentiment recognition, Siri Shortcuts for voice-enabled interactions, and NFC reading — all on mobile. And you can fast-track your app deployment by creating new apps directly in Claris FileMaker Cloud from Claris FileMaker Pro in a one-step process.

Modernize your software today.

Enhanced specifically with our developer community in mind, Claris FileMaker 19.3 offers a new, modern platform that’s current, relevant, and ready for the future. You’ve relied on FileMaker for more than three decades, and with the investments we’ve made over the past 12 months, you can continue to trust the open Claris platform for the next 30 years. I would like to extend an invitation for you to join us and discover the next generation of custom app creation!

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