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Claris FileMaker 2023 gives you everything you need to build high-performance, custom applications that integrate with the rest of your tech stack.

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Because Claris FileMaker is at the very high end of the low-code experience, it sits right in the sweet spot, allowing us to create digital solutions rapidly with an extremely high level of power.
John Mathewson, president, Kyo Logic, LLC, a Claris Partner
You shouldn’t have to adapt your business to fit within a solution. FileMaker gives you the flexibility to achieve your long-term goals on your terms.
Chief Ken Bailey, Travis Co. Fire Rescue
I tell every company to think about what you want the Claris platform to do for your business — and if you can wish it, then it’s possible.
Ann Kiser, project manager, SeedCode, a Claris Partner
We stretch our apps to the extremes without compromising the business. Our whole company runs on Claris FileMaker with links to Amazon, Zero, Shopify, and Ocado.
Michael Williams, CEO, The British Honey Company
What makes FileMaker so amazing is the fact that you can get all your information in one place, helping us support whatever situation we face.
Alice Williams, tech center coordinator, Beverly Public Schools

The perfect platform for you – and a million others.

As an Apple company, Claris has been successfully delivering continuous innovation – for more than 35 years – that organizations rely on for their day-to-day operations.


Active users globally across small and medium-sized businesses.


Worldwide operations with headquarters in Cupertino, CA and offices in Tokyo, London, Beijing, and Sydney.


Partners worldwide ready for app development, consultation, and training.


Vibrant and active online community with members from around the world.

Claris FileMaker

Harness the power of an open platform – now with better scalability and stronger security.

FileMaker 2023 delivers significant performance and security enhancements along with the scalability needed to share custom apps with more users and files.

Take FileMaker 2023 on a 45-day test drive. Get started today!

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Claris Connect

Integrate your entire tech stack.

Claris Connect provides a low-code way to automate workflows. Since FileMaker 2023 is tuned for Claris Connect, you can flow data between your apps and systems to accomplish business tasks faster, easier, and with greater accuracy.

Use Claris Connect for Free. With it, you have what’s needed to seamlessly connect your FileMaker apps with your entire tech stack.

Claris Connect
Claris Connect
Google Calendar
Google Sheets
Claris FileMaker
Google Maps
Google Translate
Google Drive

More than a million problem solvers use
the Claris platform to transform their workplace.

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What we built with Claris FileMaker is changing the way social services are delivered in America.
Brian Basinger, Executive DirectorQ Foundation
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We knew it would be amazing. It’s been 10 times better than we thought.
Justin Smith, OwnerShock Therapy
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Trusted by 50,000+ of
the world’s greatest companies.

Companies around the globe — of every size — are using Claris
for their digital transformation.

  1. Gap
  2. Hanesbrands
  3. Kohl's
  4. Nike
  5. Ralph Lauren
  6. Clorox
  7. Colgate-Palmolive
  8. Estee Lauder
  9. P&G
  10. NYU
  11. Oxford
  12. Princeton
  13. UC Berkeley
  14. USC
  15. Yale
  16. AECOM
  17. Fluor
  18. Jacobs
  19. Honeywell
  20. Rockwell
  21. American Express
  22. HSBC
  23. Morgan Stanley
  24. Alaska
  25. Delta
  26. JetBlue
  27. Southwest
  28. United
  29. ASPCA
  30. Goodwill
  31. Mayo Foundation
  32. YMCA
  33. AbbVie
  34. Eli Lilly
  35. Gilead Sciences
  36. Merck
  37. Pfizer

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