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I tell every company to think about what you want the Claris platform to do for your business – and if you can wish it, then it’s possible.

—  Ann Kiser, project manager, SeedCode

Thousands of businesses, nonprofits, and schools use the Claris platform to create custom apps daily.

You shouldn’t have to adapt your business to fit within a solution. Claris FileMaker gives you the flexibility to achieve your long-term goals on your terms.

 — Chief Ken Bailey, Travis Co. Fire Rescue

Claris FileMaker is essentially a magical box of database and application development environment all in one. And it just works.

 — James Ducker, director, Decent Group

We stretch our apps to the extremes without compromising the business. Our whole company runs on Claris FileMaker with links to Amazon, Zero, Shopify, and Ocado.

 — Michael Williams, CEO, The British Honey Company

What makes FileMaker so amazing is the fact that you can get all your information in one place, helping us support whatever situation we face.

 — Alice Williams, tech center coordinator, Beverly Public Schools

Because Claris FileMaker is at the very high end of the low-code experience, it sits right in the sweet spot, allowing us to create digital solutions rapidly with an extremely high level of power.

 — John Mathewson, president, Kyo Logic, LLC

The Claris platform

You have more problems to solve and users to serve than ever before.

In a world of increasing complexity, develop powerful solutions and deliver them with confidence, knowing you have the ideal toolset for anything.

Build custom apps fast.

Deliver high-performing apps quickly, then iterate without ever hitting a wall.

Connect your entire tech stack.

Integrate your custom applications with other apps using your own custom connectors or hundreds of pre-built connectors.

Host wherever you want.

Decide which hosting option is best for your business, either in the cloud, on premise with your own servers, or a third-party hosting service.

Deploy your custom apps on any device.

Your apps need to be where the work is being done. Access them from the cloud, on premise, or even offline.

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Claris has over 1,400 partners across the globe who develop custom apps for businesses, nonprofits, and schools.

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Our value to the world is more than just the platform we provide, it's the possibilities developers unlock when using it.

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Use cases

Build the operational apps your team can't live without.

Custom operational app

"We create solutions confidently because of FileMaker."

Luxury car dealership worked with a Claris Partner to create a custom FileMaker app, resulting in an enhanced sales experience and reducing the time spent to customize each customer’s dream car.

  • Reduced the time spent in the sales process by 400x.
  • Contracts now generated in minutes, not days.
  • Gained flexibility to manage six currencies and 12 unique tax structures with ease.
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Custom integrations

"I've been dreaming of Claris Connect."

In-house developer at animal rehabilitation center saves 5+ hours a week using Claris Connect with their custom FileMaker CRM app, and moves ever-closer to goal of a paperless office.

  • Two-way exchange of data between CRM and other systems like Quickbooks and Acuity.
  • Automated communication with patient referrers.
  • Allows patients to create personalized communication preferences.
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Nonprofit custom operational apps

"We edit our custom apps live every single day."

Heathcare nonprofit in Eswatini, a small African country, runs 38 departments with 600 staff on custom apps that developers enhance daily, in real time.

  • Electronic medical recordkeeping for more than 116,000 patient visits per year.
  • Developed a national vaccination workflow for COVID-19.
  • Fulfill real-time requests for fleet management, fuel levels, and maintenance.
  • Warehouse inventory management for 10,000 unique items.
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