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Continuously innovate your business
with powerful custom apps.

Get the Claris FileMaker experience developers like you know and trust, built to seamlessly integrate with Claris Studio. Claris Pro is a unified, professional toolset that allows you to build robust apps, securely deploy them across multiple environments, and seamlessly integrate with your existing data and systems.

Do these problems sound familiar?

Say goodbye to them with Claris Pro!

The Problem

Siloed data.

The Solution

Connect your data silos between departments and systems.

The Problem

Long app
dev cycles.

The Solution

Design and deploy apps quickly and affordably with a RAD environment.

The Problem

separate tech.

The Solution

Build using a unified tech stack and securely deploy the same app on any device.

Build a digital strategy for your business.

Learn how to create a digital strategy to align all of the teams across your business.

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Meet Claris Pro!

It’s the FileMaker experience you’ve known and trusted for years, built to seamlessly integrate with Claris Studio and Claris Connect. Create and use robust apps that immediately respond to problems with fast, flexible software and can scale quickly to meet arising business needs.

Claris Go

Help your team be more productive anywhere with access to your Claris apps on iPad and iPhone devices. Claris Go is ideal for mobile teams in the field or away from a desk.

Claris WebDirect

Easily manage and share your business information. Run your apps natively in a web browser, and access them from any computer or mobile device.

Claris Server

Securely host your Claris apps on premise so you can share information on any device in real time with your team, providing greater visibility across your organization.


Claris Cloud

Deploy Claris apps in the cloud in just minutes. No server software or hardware is needed. Get the latest features, functionality, and security updates faster and more efficiently.

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Want to know what the differences are between the
Claris platform and the FileMaker platform? Check out this quick comparison chart.

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Get started building your custom app.

Interface builder

Low-code UI with pro-code power.

Customizable graphical interface: Accelerate custom prototyping, testing, and deployment with an intuitive UI designed for developers of all skill levels.

Drag-and-drop simplicity: Minimize complex coding with drag-and-drop design to jump-start your app development.

Snap-together add-ons: Create and deploy apps faster than ever by instantly adding prebuilt calendars, kanban boards, responsive photo galleries, and more.

Rich content containers

Bring your data together,
and make it come to life.

Store any file.

A container field can store pictures, audio and video files, PDFs, or any other type of file that you want to keep in your app.

Add it your way.

Add content to a container field by inserting it, dragging it into the field, or pasting the file from the Clipboard.

Interact with your info.

If a field is an interactive container, work with the field’s contents interactively. For example, play music, watch a video, or scroll through a PDF within the field.

Business logic and automation

Automate tasks with prebuilt scripts.

Ready-made code.

Apply predefined script steps, script triggers, and calculation functions to quickly put together custom code that automates user tasks.

Reduce manual tasks.

Use scripts to simplify searching and sorting, data validation, file storage, and integrated relational database capabilities.

Built-in features.

Eliminate the time and expense of assembling libraries to provide key solution functionality with built-in features for everyday tasks.

Embedded web viewers

Give your app a window to the world (wide web).

Use web viewers to display webpages directly in Claris Pro.

Show web content from app data.

Present information from websites based on data in your app. For example, display a map based on the address information in your app.

Navigate the web in your app.

Perform tasks with web viewers that you can with web browsers. Navigate through multiple webpages directly in your app. Even display content like PDFs and videos from websites.

Pass data with custom URLs.

Create a custom web address for any website by defining a calculation. Insert a URL that passes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the web viewer.

Deployment flexibility

Deploy in any environment, even on multiple operating systems.


Host your custom apps on premise so you can share information on any device in real time with your team. Claris Server supports Ubuntu Linux.



Securely share your apps in the cloud with your team members.


Enjoy the flexibility of deploying on premise or in the cloud at the same time.


Run Claris Pro on your Windows or macOS computer. The same apps and data can be shared in real time between the two environments.


Build apps using Claris Pro, then deploy on iPad and iPhone with Claris Go.


Deploy custom apps natively on web browsers using Claris WebDirect. Supports Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Safari.

Powerful integration capabilities

All of your data, working together.



Create detailed HTTP/HTTPS network calls to request JSON data from other applications via REST APIs.



Use built-in functions to simplify parsing and generating JSON data requested from other data sources.



Use the Claris Data API to connect to other apps and web services.



Add fully-integrated JavaScript in a web viewer. Leverage popular libraries to easily add maps, animated graphics, data visualization, and more to your custom apps.



Query and update Claris data with OData-capable client applications.


External SQL Services

Get live, 2-way connections to SQL data sources — without having to write any SQL. Supports MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

When we learned the Claris platform could easily integrate with our existing systems, we envisioned endless ways to introduce efficiencies across our organization. We thought we’d won the jackpot.
Kristy Stormes, general manager, Elements Manufacturing
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Security is always on our mind, so it doesn’t have to be on yours.

Claris Pro in action

Two-way interaction between Claris Pro and Claris Studio.

It’s easy to share data back and forth between Claris Pro and Claris Studio. Claris Pro can create, update, delete, and search records in Claris Studio. Plus, you can migrate data from a table in a Claris Pro file to Claris Studio.

Two-way data interaction. Watch video

Migrating tables from Claris Pro. Watch video

Explore Claris Studio

Use cases

Discover all you can do like a pro.


Effectively manage your customer relationships with relevant data analysis.

CRM image

Project management

Guide your teams to success by keeping projects on time and on budget.

Project management image

Asset tracker

Organize, analyze, and maximize the value of your organization’s assets.

Asset management image

Contract management

Maximize financial and operational performance by managing your vendor or employee contracts.

Contract management image


Manage your cash flow. Create invoices and estimates, track expenses, accept payments, and more.

Invoicing image

Event planning

Successfully manage your meetings, conferences, conventions, and other events from registration to follow-up.

Event planning image

Content library

Collect, manage, and publish your digital information through its entire lifecycle.

Content management image

Field research

Organize, sort, and store the data your teams collect in the field.

Field research image

Supply management

Acquire, organize, and distribute resources that are essential to your organization.

Supply management image

Community and partners

The help you need, whenever you need it.

A vibrant online user community.

With more than 30,000 worldwide members, the Claris Community offers a free online user-to-user support forum to help people to overcome technical issues, ask questions, and get tips and advice from other users.

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Expert, professional partners.

Claris has a global network of more than 1,400 Claris Partners who can plan, create, and deploy the digital solutions you dream about. They also can provide consultation and training tailored for your business needs.

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