Claris Excellence
Awards 2023


Excellence deserves celebration!

Let’s give a round of applause to the Claris Partners and Claris Community members who won the 2023 Claris Excellence Awards. Their exceptional achievements and innovations with Claris technology in 2023 demonstrate how Claris developers build the future.

Thank you to the winners for your contributions, inspiring all of us to strive for excellence.

Congratulations to the 2023 award recipients!

Vincenzo Menanno

This award salutes an individual Claris Partner or Claris Community member who is a long-time pillar of the Claris Community and recognized as a leader whose voice is respected.

Beth Murillo

This award acknowledges a Claris Partner or Claris Community member with less than three years of Claris platform experience who is poised to be a force within the Claris Community.

This award honors the Claris Partner or non-partner organization who showed compassion and dedication to volunteer work helping a nonprofit or other organization in a time of need.

This award highlights the customer who solved a technically challenging project with the whole Claris platform and demonstrated a clear business impact for their organization.

This award pays tribute to the Claris Partner who solved a technically challenging project with the whole Claris platform and demonstrated a clear business impact for their customer.

This award celebrates the Claris Partner who demonstrated innovation and competitive differentiation in a product that runs on or enables a better solution on the Claris platform.

This award applauds the Claris Partner who used interactive and visually appealing design to create an exceptional user experience within a Claris FileMaker solution.

This award compliments the Claris Partner who shared expertise and passion while increasing awareness of Claris products and expanded the Claris Community of users and developers.

This award commends the Claris Partner who delivered consistent, high-quality training content to help developers learn new skills and build technical aptitude with the platform.

This award praises an individual Claris Community member who broadened awareness of the Claris platform through active online or offline contributions.

Growth Partners of the Year

These awards recognize the Claris Partners for geographic region who has done the most to contribute revenue through direct and influenced sales of Claris products, has a clear definition of business growth, and carries a win-together approach to business through licensing knowledge and marketing investments.



North Asia

Asia Pacific


This is a new award that specifically recognizes the Claris Partner who generated the largest growth in new sales, including brand new customers and overall expansion.

Going forward, this category will replace the Growth Partner of the Year Award and will be recognized individually by territory.

Be on the lookout for additional details about the winners' accomplishments.