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What is project management software?

Project management software like Claris FileMaker centralizes information, measures progress within the context of expectations, and adjusts timelines and resources to meet project goals.

A study by the Harvard Business Review found that on average, company projects have a cost overrun of 27%.* But one in six projects runs more than 200% over budget, and takes 70% longer than expected. Managing projects successfully becomes a critical priority for businesses that strive to be high-performing and solidify competitive advantage.

What are the benefits of project management software?

Progress and productivity

Allows a company to assign tasks, track deadlines, measure progress and productivity. You can also coordinate activities and resources among multiple teams and locations, if necessary.

Project visibility

Enhances collaboration and communication, giving full project visibility to teams and key stakeholders throughout an organization.

Competitive advantage

Gives a competitive advantage by improving efficiency, streamlining processes, reducing waste, enhancing resource allocation, and boosting employee productivity.

What does project management software do?


One-third of project failures result from poor communication.† Project management software provides tools that improve communication by supporting remote access, real-time visibility into project and task status, and forecasting projections for deadlines and goals. What about alerts or reminders?

Benefits of FileMaker:
Tools include reporting, file-sharing, and dashboards, which improve collaboration among teams and facilitate communication throughout the project team and company as needed.


Complete data provides a snapshot at a given point in time, which helps to improve accuracy and reduce waste, eliminating budget overruns and timeline extensions.

Benefits of FileMaker:
Accurate insight into status and identification of potential issues, so that red flags can be dealt with in a timely manner.


Use project management software to outline the entire initiative from start to finish – assign tasks and deadlines, estimate materials and resources, and budget costs and overhead. This software supports planning with flexible timelines and charts, task assignments, and a deliverables calendar that can be shared by the team and key stakeholders.

Benefits of FileMaker:
Gives real-time visibility into active tasks, so you can identify and quickly adjust potential problems or opportunities to reduce waste.


Note which tasks have the highest priority – those that are in a chronological progression. This step allows you to schedule the other tasks that are dependent on top priorities versus concurrent jobs that can be run side-by-side. Aligning priorities is critical and can throw entire projects off schedule if not executed correctly.

Benefits of FileMaker:
It’s very easy for projects to slide into disarray. Use project management software to understand which tasks depend on each other and assign them special priority. Then let the software provide insights and reminders to track progress toward your project objectives.

Resource allocation

Assigning employees and materials ensures that you have the right people with the right skills in the right place, at the right time. Why waste time scrambling to move someone to a task or project area where their expertise and skills are immediately needed? And why risk your budget to provide the additional tools needed at the last minute? Time is critical, and unexpected add-ons can be expensive. Project management software can help identify issues like these in advance, so you reduce these last-minute scrambles.

Benefits of FileMaker:
Allocating resources in advance reduces wasted time and effort, which eliminates delays and improves budgeting and forecasting.

What challenges does
project management software solve?

Lack of visibility and collaboration

As companies adjust to the needs of a remote or distributed workforce, employees must have access to files, tools, and one another to ensure success. Project management software includes file sharing, access to centralized data, reporting, and easy communication tools to promote collaboration among teams.

Inaccurate requirements

Thirty-eight percent of project failures are the result of inaccurate requirements.† Project management software helps to solve this issue with structured planning and resource allocation so that all project requirements are outlined from the beginning. A flexible project planning tool can help with this, too by adjusting requirements when necessary due to unforeseen issues.

Employee burnout

Seventy percent of employees report feeling burned out at work,‡ with twenty percent of them attributing it to an unmanageable workload. Project management helps to ensure that tasks are evenly distributed throughout the team and throughout the project timeline. This attention reduces the chance that one person is assigned an inequitable majority of the work, or is faced with a deadline pileup when a number of tasks are due at the same time.

How do you choose the best project management
software for your organization?

Companies of every size

Project management software can help organizations of all types and sizes across all industries. Companies that have adopted project management software solutions have improved their success in industries.

Specific requirements

You can find project management software solutions available off the shelf. But these pre-packaged options often don’t include specific features or integrations required by a company or adapt to the way your business operates.


You shouldn’t have to modify your business operations to fit a mass-produced product. Instead, build a custom solution that’s tailored to your business’ unique needs, ensuring you have the software applications that best support your organization.

  1. Construction and
    real estate

  2. Defense

  3. Education

  4. Engineering

  5. Finance

  6. Healthcare and pharmaceuticals

  7. IT

  8. Legal

  9. Manufacturing

  10. Marketing

What low-code solutions have other organizations created?

The Claris platform supports low-code application development and allows businesses to build custom project management solutions that overcome challenges – now and in the future. Discover how these businesses use low-code applications to manage projects and improve productivity.

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