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Powerful Solutions

•We design, build, support, convert, upgrade, and integrate database and database driven web sites. These solutions are created and supported for office networks, as well as for individuals, groups, and businesses who wish to track and analyze their information locally and/or remotely via FileMaker GO and FileMaker. We can help upgrade or improve an existing system, build an application to meet a new business need, or develop a commercial software application.

•The owner, Jim Hickam, works directly with customers. This means no pass-off to a team of techno-geeks after the sale is closed. He perform the vast majority of the work so every feature is completed with a comprehensive understanding of client needs. Our technology partners are there to protect clients from data and development loss; not to interfere with the development process by adding unnecessary complexity, meeting time, or development documentation.

•A real world approach is nurtured via recommendations made not only relative to budgets, but also relative to the client’s long term ability to make use of features and processes.

•Problems are solved by streamlining processes with a focus on creating technological advantages over client competitors.

•Solution life span is lengthened via a service program designed to help clients thrive for the long term.

•Marketing, advertising, and other business process recommendations are also available.

“Easy to Work with” Approach

•This approach helps clients during my explanation of technical issues relative to their solution. By using analogy and non-technical descriptions,we better communicate the issue at hand. By being available to the client by working at their job site, unlimited meeting availability, or by making use of written non-technical explanations, the client reaches a higher level of mutual understanding resulting in a higher level of development success.

•Less ramp-up time is required. For over 15 years, we have created enterprise solutions for a wide range of clients, spanning numerous business categories, such as educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and small/medium size businesses. Having worked with over 500 businesses (in various ways) over the last 30 years, we have a better understanding of almost any given business from the outset. This business context awareness means less ramp-up time is required than with programmers who may have little, if any, business experience.

•Extensive software training experience helps us communicate well with all knowledge levels of computer users, especially with the novice computer user.

•Project management tools are used that help clients deal with the development process in a non-technical and non-threatening fashion.

•Remote access technologies allows clients from anywhere in the world to take advantage of services.

•Clients receive a database tool that better meets their needs, reduces costs and enhances business processes by combining:
◦The “easy to work with” approach
◦Business context awareness
◦Extensive business experience
◦Industry-wide best practices
◦Technical Know-how
Cutting Edge Technical Expertise

•Database driven web solutions are created using PHP, HTML, and XML/XSLT. When necessary, we work with technology partners who are expert in various technologies such as Salesforce.com, Trackvia, Adobe Flex, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and other technologies.

•We have integrated FileMaker with specialized applications such as QuickBooks.

•We have successfully taught 28 desktop applications in over 2,500 hands-on classes and over 600 large audience seminars. This includes Microsoft Office and Adobe Design Suite. This experience helps us do a better job teaching the client’s database solution features to employees.

•Windows and Macintosh platforms
Budget Driven Pricing

•Our clients find that our solutions pay for themselves very quickly due to the tremendous improvements in their processes. Regardless of the size of the project, company, or budget, we are committed to achieving complete satisfaction from concept to completion.

•Return-On-Investment analyses using various models are available.

•By the Hour and Project pricing options are available.


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